Hot get Kontinetals cooling

Before Hot could get warm, Tom was already on fire.

Before Hot could get warm, Tom was already on fire.

As the spring weather in Taipei — notorious for its fluctuating temperatures — plummeted to 14°C on Sunday, March 7, Hot got a Kontinentals cooling as the teams played their first game, a warm-up match, in the 18th Action and Power Amateur League (APAL).

At the end of the first quarter, Hot were yet to exhibit the slightest semblance of heat, while Kontinentals had already netted 13 points.

Hot did some stoking in the second quarter, and, with a completely new group of Kontinentals on the court, the score had moved to 19 – 15, in favour of Kontinentals.

Kontinentals had subdivided into two five-man squads, with each group playing a full quarter to ensure that each player got an equal amount of game time and a feel of the competition during the warm-up game.

By the time Hot were beginning to get warm, Tom was already on fire, moving Kontinentals’s tally to 28 at the end of the third interval, a seven point lead over their rivals, with a closing score of 44 to Hot’s 30.

In a post game huddle, Jamali was selected to captain Kontinentals with Tom as his vice-captain.

Kontinentals will play its first competition match in the league next Sunday, March 14, at 16:10 against 兄弟你太誇了 – Xiōng dì nǐ tài kuā le (Literal translation: “Brothers, you’re overestimating us”).

Click for more photos.


3 Responses

  1. Good article Kenton. I think for the first game together as a team we made a reasonable showing. Once we work at it, things can only continue to get better from here.

  2. Congrats guys. 1st impressions are lasting, let them know y’all mean business. Looking forward to reading about next Sunday’s game.

  3. I like the article Kenton. I appreciate you taking the photos and doing all this. Will be great to look back at the end of the season.

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