Kontinentals trash belying puss men

Miou Miou had to contend with tough Kontinentals' defense.

There is a basketball adage that says “offence sells tickets but defense wins games”. Kontinentals proved the veracity of that aphorism as they trashed Miou Miou (pronounced “meow meow”), 44-27, on Sunday.

Miou Miou’s belied their suggested feline agility and it was the multinational team that proved to have some nimble hands, successfully stealing the ball 10 times, 2.5 times more than Miou Miou.

Kontinentals also registered 20 more rebounds than Miou Miou’s 22, gave four blocks compared to the cat men’s 1 and five assists versus Miou Miou’s 2.

Miou Miou was outperformed in every category of the game, except for free throws, where they scored 9, compared to Kontinentals’ 7.

The puss men never had a chance as Kontinentals’ man-to-man defense in the first quarter, left the team with a comfortable 13 points lead, with the kittens yet to scratch the bottom of the net.

Miou Miou added 8 points during the second quarter while Kontinentals added a further 9, bringing the score to 8-22.

While the underdogs dominated the third quarter, bucketing 13 point versus Kontinentals’ 10 to take the score to 21-33, Kontinentals wrapped things up during the final quarter, adding 12 points to their tally, twice Miou Miou’s total in that quarter.

Kontinental’s victory was truly a team effort, with Tom scoring 8 points, including 3 three-pointers, while Don and Warren each contributed 7. Tambi netted six points, while Kenton and Jamali each made five.

Jon, Jamali, and Tambi led the rebounding — 14, 9, and 6 respectively — with Jabu, Gordon, and Tom each securing 3.

While Kontinentals walked away with their third set of scalps (including the warm-up game), their record was still sullied by 17 turnovers, four more than their competitors, but 5 less than the previous game. [More Photos]


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