Hang Over give Kontinentals sobering blows

Hang Over proved that Kontinentals’ treatment was no panacea for them.

Kontinentals got a sobering defeat from Hang Over players, who, by their own admission, “get drunk all the time”.

But while Kontinentals have a teetotaller or two, Hang Over showed that the international players were no Alcoholic Anonymous for their liquor-loving ways.

Hang Over was far from drunk and disorderly but was not prepared to submit to Kontinentals’ therapy. They demonstrated their defiance early in the first quarter, which ended with both teams each scoring two points.

It was clear from the inception that winning the booze-lovers would not have been as easy as the 44-30 cooling Kontinentals gave Hot during the warm-up game, the first in a three-game winning spree.

The first quarter result in the Hang Over match was a far cry from the 13-0 lead that Kontinentals gave the belying felines Miou Miou two weeks earlier in a match that ended 44-27 in favour of Kontinentals.

The 24 points that Kontinentals chalked up against Hang Over’s 31 was the lowest of its four games, 14 point lower than its previous low of 39, with a score of 44 in each of the other two games.

Kontinentals came in real reach of capturing victory during the third quarter of the game, having taken the lead 17-14 during the second quarter.

With five minutes on the ticker, Kontinentals were trailing Hang Over by 4 points.

However, the team fell apart after a substitution during the final quarter and Hang Over added 17 point to their tally, 10 more than Kontinentals.

Kontinentals’ loss was somewhat of a contradiction since the team register only 4 turnovers, the lowest in all of its four games, 9 less than the previous low.

However, the Hang Over match saw Kontinentals’ worst performance in all other areas of the game, namely rebounds (35), steals (9), assist (4), and blocks (0).

Tambi Mutharika led the scoring for Kontinentals with 9 points while Jamali Jack netted 6 and secured 20 rebounds. Also contributing to the tally were Jabu Dlamini (2), Don Singleterry (2), Jon Hornblower (4) and Tom Seamans (1).

Hang Over’s lead scorer was Jack who netted 7 while Tom, Fred, and Zhang Yu-bang each contributed 6. John, Jason and Alex got two points respectively.

Kontinentals will play its next game on Sunday against CSB.


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