Gama Player no game player for Kontinentals

Jamali Jack led Kontinentals to a decisive victory against Gama Player.

Kontinentals showed Gama Player that they are no game players, giving them a decisive 56-33 defeat on Sunday.

Captain, Jamali Jack, led his team in the reinvigorating triumph, the team’s best performance yet, two weeks after the humiliating 24-32 defeat at the hands of Hang Over.

Jack led in both offense and defense, netting 16 points including a three-point shot. He also hustled 17 rebounds, made 2 steals, gave one block and dished out 4 assists in a game in which he caused 4 turnovers.

Gordon quick, having recovered from the ankle injury that left him out of commission for the Hang Over game, showed that speed was still on his side. He chalked up 12 points, got 5 rebounds and a block and a steal respectively.

Don Singleterry will leave the team on a high note when he returns to the United States mid-May. He registered 9 points, 10 rebounds, 5 steals and one block in his final game with Kontinentals in the competition.

Other contributors to Kontinentals’ tally were Warren Miller, 6; Tambi Mutharika, 5; and Kenton Chance and Jon Hornblower with 4 points each.

Kontinentals dominated the game from the inception with their tough man-to-man defense that saw the first quarter ending with Gama Player mustering a mere 3 points in response to Kontinentals’ 15.

Kontinentals added a further 14 points to the tally during the second quarter while Gama Player netted 6.

The deal was already sealed during the second half of the game notwithstanding the close scores during the third and fourth quarters: K 13 – 12 GP and K 14 -12 GP.

Gama Player’s leading scorer was Ji Chi-hao (計智豪) 12 points with Hong Wei-qiang (洪偉強) contributing 12. Chen Bo-hsun ( 陳博勳) grabbed 9 rebounds for his team.

Kontinentals will face off with 將子隊/Jiang-tzi-du, translated “The Sub-Team”, on May 30.


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