Kontinentals defence headaches Jiang-zi-dui

Jiang-zi-dui had to contend with Kontinentals’ multi-layered defence

Jiang-zi-dui (將子對), confronted by Kontinentals’ tough defence, tried desperately to settle into one of its easily-deciphered plays on Sunday.

The players switched among their attacks — numbering one, two, and three — in a failed attempt to win against the international players.

Play Number 1 — an inside attack — proved largely ineffective against the generally taller Kontinentals, while Kontinentals quickly caught on to the screens and pick-and-rolls of Play Number 2.

Play Number 3, the shooting outside of the three-point line of Taiwan fame, only succeeded in netting one basket.

However, while Kontinentals were significantly stronger than Jiang-zi-dui, they failed to register a 25 point blowout, even as it continued the trend of keeping its opponents under 35 points.

The teams played two totally different games, with Kontinentals making 6 steals and assists respectively with none on the other team.

The game ended 43:33, with Jiang-zi-dui repeating the highest score registered against Kontinentals, two points higher than Hang Over gained when it defeated Kontinentals in April, the only team to do so.

The statistics shows that Kontinentals victory was largely a team effort with Gordon Quick, Jamali Jack and Tambi Mutharika leading the scoring with 10, 9, and 8 points respectively.

Jamali once again dominated the board, securing 13 rebounds while Warren Miller and Quick secured 6 and 5 respectively.

Kontinentals’ score was 1.34 points higher than the average so far this season: 41.66. Jiang-zi-dui’s 33 was 2 points higher than the average score registered against Kontinentals.

The leading basket maker for Jiang-zi-dui was Ban Hao-zhe who netted 15 while Jiang Zhe-hsian contributed 6.

Kontinentals play N.C. on June 6 at 12:10, the penultimate game before the playoffs starts on June 20.

Kontinentals captain gets MVP award

Jamali Jack

The APAL on Sunday presented Kontinentals Captain Jamali Jack with their Most Valuable Player of the Week award for games played on May 02.

The APAL on its blog (Chinese) said it was recognizing Jack for his contribution to the team’s decisive 56:33 victory against Gama Player. [Watch highlights]

Kontinentals registered its highest score to date during that game, which is also the highest score in the division.

Jack made 16 points and 17 rebounds during that game, which came on the heels of a humiliating 31:24 defeat at the hands of Hang Over.


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