Casual name; significant win

N.C’s Chuan Chia-lin scored 20 points and maintained his 18 points per game average.

They might have casually chosen their team name, saying it has no specific meaning.

However, the beating they gave Kontinentals was far from laid-back and had every significance to their remaining undefeated ahead of the playoffs on June 20.

N.C. secured an 11-point victory against the team of multi-national players on June 6, in a hard fought and well deserved 39-50 victory.

Not even team captain Jamali Jack and his 14 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists saved Kontinentals from N.C’s onslaught.

N.C’s Chuan Chia-lin continued his reign of terror, netting 20 points, maintaining his 18 points per game average, and earning him the APAL MVP of the week medal .

Kontinentals’ defeat was the second in the competition. The midday game came just hours after many of its players wrapped up their escapades at various night haunts across Taipei.

They paid the price on the court, with N.C. outscoring in all but the third quarter of the match.

Kontinentals struggled to keep it together in the second quarter, having ended the first in a deficit, three points less than N.C.’s 13.

The margin widened when Kontinentals only managed to net 6 against N.C.’s 11.

However, their three-point dominance (11-8) of the third quarter was not enough to skew things back in their favour.

And, towards the end of the fourth quarter, which N.C. entered with a five-point lead (32-27), Kontinental having failed to close the gap, reverted to fouling, as N.C. played the clock, picking up 18 points, compared to Kontinentals’ 12.

In addition to Jack’s 14 points, Tom Seamans bucketed 7, with Gordon Quick contributing 6 points and 8 rebounds for Kontinentals.

Yang Shi-hsian, who netted 9, and Tseng Da-bin, with 6 points, were the other major scorers for N.C.


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