Kontinentals first season ends at playoffs

When the finals of the 18th APAL season takes place this Sunday, Kontinentals will not be among the teams vying for a medal. The team’s hopes ended last Sunday with their loss to HANDBOOK, who outscored Kontinentals by a solid 12 points to win the game 40:32.

Kontinentals started off the game with a bang when Tambi Mutharika netted a 3-pointer, but by the end of the quarter they were down 7:9. Handbook carried out an onslaught in the third quarter, netting 11 points to Kontinentals 3. In the end, they outscored  Kontinentals in all but the 4th quarter.

The top scorer for HANDBOOK was 駱維霆 who netted 15 points, while Jamali Jack led Kontinentals’ scoring with 11 points. The other scorers for Kontinentals were Jabu Dlamini, Tambi Muthatika and Jon Hornblower with 5 points each, followed by Tom Seamans with 4 points.

HANDBOOK had only 20 rebounds to Kontinentals’ 32, with Jack taking 15 rebounds. Following the finals this Sunday Kontinentals will again be hitting the court in evaluation games for the 19th season.  Absent from the 19th APAL season team roster will be Don Singleterry, Kenton Chance and Warren Miller who returned to the US, St.Vincent (on vacation) and Canada, respectively. The team is currently playing in the C division.

Jack is ‘Rebound King’

Kontinentals captain, Jamali Jack,  received the award for most rebounds in the APAL 18th season. Jack had a total of 88 rebounds from Kontinentals 7 games during the regular season, averaging 12.57 rebounds per game. This is the third time that Jack has received the award. He also had most rebounds in the 15th and 16th APAL seasons when he played with Taishi Keji.

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  1. Good article. Interesting read. All the best to the team in tomorrow’s evaluation game. Also, congrats to Jamali for once again reigning as rebound king.

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