Kontinentals steps up to Division B

Kontinentals will compete in the Division B when the 19th Action Power Amateur League (APAL) begins this month, a promotion from the Division C in which the team competed during its first appearance – the 18th APAL.

The team plays its preseason game this Sunday, July 4, at 7 p.m. at Nanhu Senior High School and the new season is tentatively slated to begin at the same venue one week later.

Some 40 teams have registered in three male divisions, an improvement over the previous season, which was downsized to two divisions because an insufficient number of teams registered.

Eight teams will battle for dominance in Division A while 16 teams will each try to rise to the top of Divisions B and C respectively.

Kontinentals was the only returning team among the ten that played evaluation games at the end of the 18th APAL late June.

Kontinentals will see some changes to its roster this season. Absent from the 19th APAL season team roster will be Don Singleterry, Kenton Chance and Warren Miller who returned to the US, St. Vincent (on vacation) and Canada, respectively.

The team will welcome Craiglee Sam, Peter Huang, and Kwesi Richards. Both Sam and Huang are members of their respective university teams. Canadian Keith Busch will act as the team’s official coach when he returns to Taiwan mid-July and Jeana Jack of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the official team manager.

The team is yet to select a new captain and vice captain for the new season.

Results at a Glance
18th APAL season finals results:
– Female Division: Span CT (58) : DTT (41)
– Division C: NC (39) : HANDBOOK (49)
– Division B: Buddy (47) : Tza Pai Jun 雜牌軍 (56)


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