Brave give Kontinentals opening blows

Kontinentals went under 40-45 to Brave for a second straight loss at the APAL.

Kontinentals began the 20th APAL Season in much the same way that it finished the last season: with a loss.

The team of multi-national players went under to Brave in a hard-fought 45-40 encounter that was lost during the closing minutes of the game.

The loss last Sunday was a bitter reminder of Kontinentals’ last APAL outing a few weeks before.

The team was denied a place in the finals of the 19th Season during the last three second of their semifinals encounter.

Brave’s early domination of the game last Sunday ensured their victory, notwithstanding Kontinentals success in leveling and even leading the score at times.

At the end of the first quarter, Kontinentals were trailing Brave 5 points to 9 but added 14 point to their tally during the second quarter, twice as much as Brave did.

But Brave’s resilience shone through during the third quarter when they netting 13 point even as Kontinentals only mustered 5.

Both teams performed equally well in the third quarter of the game, netting 16 point each, although Kontinentals had to resort to fouling in a failed attempt at ensuring a victory.

Lai Tseng-che led the scoring for Brave, netting 18 of the team’s 45 points.

Mak was Kontinentals’ main man with 15 points, while Jamali and Tambi contributed 7 points each.

Kontinentals has a 9-man roster this season and is once again managed by Jeana Jack. The team is yet to elect a captain and vice-captain for the new season.

Kontinentals play Hsiao-Ke on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m.


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