Jon Hornblower


Hey, my name is Jon Hornblower (pause). I grew up in the mean streets of San Diego, CA, in the Lake Park trailer park. Growing up in the environment in which I did taught me the value of the dollar and the importance of exercising to keep my mind and body sharp. I was the captain of my fraternity team at ASU, Delta Delta Beta, go Wildcats! I hit the game winning shot to beat Gi Pi Pi, one of the proudest achievements in my life. If I compared myself to an NBA player, I would be Bill Lambier. LOL! On this team, I look forward to making a bunch of new bros, let’s get er done!


8 Responses

  1. Big Jon…what it do…i hate standin next to this kat cause he make me feel little …he’s a huge…. with a mean kinda game…

  2. Dad and I are selling the trailer ,and moving to Carmel Valley.hope that you will not feel disappointed with this step down.

  3. WHAT?! How could you do this? Where am I going to live now!? I had just set up the cinderblocks under my bed so it didn’t wobble when I was jamming to Kid Rock, and now this??? I heard Carmel Valley is a bad neighborhood…do they even have public restrooms there for me to shower in? Ugh, what am I going to do!?

  4. Caramel Valley?

    Jon, is your family moving to Willy Wonkas factory?

  5. You will be relieved to know that we were able to save the trailer.We can stay in Santee after all.It’s fine ,even with the prison bells @Las Colinas next door.Have fun playing.
    Love ,
    Ma and Pa
    PS I just got my 10th tattoo-It’s Chinese writing.If i send you a picture -can you translate?

  6. J- I need a translation as well… mom and I got matching tats!

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