Kenton X. Chance


I am Kenton X. Chance from St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean. I started to play basketball in 2006 when I came to Taiwan and needed a physical activity to fill in for jogging. I have come to develop an appreciation for the game, though I do not follow it in the same hardcore way that most of my teammates do. However, I give my all on the court. I am happy to be part of this team and to compete formally alongside people with whom I have been playing for some time. In addition to basketball, I enjoy jogging, weight training and dragon boat rowing. My real passion, however, is writing.

我叫Kenton X. Chance (姜康特),來自東南加勒比海的一個國家─聖文森及格瑞那丁。2006年我來到台灣,因為我住的地方不適合慢跑,所以我開始打籃球。雖然我很喜歡打藍求,但我不像我的一些隊友,只是看電視談論籃球。不管打個玩或是參與比賽,我每一場籃球賽,我都非常認真得去面對。身為球隊的一員,我非常開心,也很高興能跟許多球友一起打球。除了籃球之外,我還喜歡慢跑、重量訓練和划龍舟。雖然運動能讓我感到快樂,但真正能激發我的靈魂和熱情的活動,是寫作


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  1. Am happy to know you enjoy the game. Enjoy my love

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