Tambirai ‘Tambi’ Mutharika

Tambi -"The Impala"

Hi, my name is Tambirai “The impala” Mutharika but everyone knows me as Tambi. I was born in Zimbabwe, but grew up in Michigan USA, and I am currently a citizen of Malawi. I am here in Taiwan trying to get my undergraduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. My love for ball started at the tender age of 6. The only position I ever really played is point guard. basketball is my second love, after soccer. I played ball all through high school and went on to play for the Zimbabwe and Malawi’s under 21 national teams. Besides basketball and soccer I am a well rounded sports man, I played rugby, cricket, American football, hockey, ran track and field and cross country.

I love basketball because I love being part of a team. In Taiwan, there are not many foreigners who can come together and work as a team on and off the court. That is why I am proud to be a part of the Kontinentials.

Props to my fiancée for supporting me and encouraging me to pursue my love for the game. Don’t know how she puts up with me being away so much. Much love to you girl!


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  1. Yea you better give me props!!! Don’t get to see you every weekend. But do your thing…thats why I luv ya

  2. yo Tambi! all the best for u man, Lemz and I are ur fans! keep moving forward

  3. I’ve seen Tambi play and he’s truly deserving of the name ‘Impala’. He plays hard and has a true love for the game…keep doing ya thing 🙂

  4. I’ve met Tambi while he was visiting my country. Tambi seems to be a cool Gentleman.

  5. yea …was wondering where it was goin to take you…bouncing ball everywhere…lol ..its good that you never gave it a relaxed attitude..im glad that youve gone far with ya skills boi….keep the hops goin…nice stuff

  6. hey tambi! let me know when you play so i can see a really good match 🙂 keep doing what you love, it always make you happy!!

  7. I met Tambi while on his spree time with Sallisha, he’s very pleasant, fun and a very cool going individual. He planning to get married to my college mate and best friend. Hey! guys all the best and hope to see you soon again.

  8. Yeah people you know he got mad skills and love for sports gotta give him that dont mind he beat the krap out of me lol.. keep being yourself and play all the ball you can now you only get to be young once after that dont worry u’ll still have sals’ own to play with lol…

  9. Hey Tambi! glad to see u doin what u love, n doin it gud too!! keep it up!!!

  10. Yeah and for those who don’t know Tambi that much.. he’s a great teammate, a great basketball player and a great friend.. he brings out the best out of a team with he’s support and love for the game! u go Tambi.. YOU KNOW I HAVE UR BACK! love u

  11. Im not surprised you took your passion so far,I remember how the basketball courts in high school would fill up jus to watch your games…keep going strong hun and your strong character shud always keep u up..u make mum proud….bless!!!

    love always
    friends 4 life…

  12. Hey Great game on Sunday Tambi…yeah show them what u got keep the wins coming u know u got my full support…break a leg lol

  13. kill those 3 pointers boy!!! whoooo hooooo!!! that’s my baby!!!

  14. yo good job bro

    gogo C.M

  15. dude, those boxscores are so wrong, who ever is taking them has to be day dreaming or something during the games!!! my boo boo did way better than that on points!!!

  16. yea yeah..thts my bro ryt thre, ain no batter player than u bro..tht i knw of. true talents never fade, yoz is true testimony to those words. halla!

  17. hey tambi is your biggest fan just wanted to say keep doing what your doing

  18. hey Tambi what’s up, just checked out this site, I will be keeping up with your games from now on. keep doing yo thang and keep tarring up the court. much lov

  19. glad your still playin ball dude!!! Keep up the spirit 🙂

  20. go boo boo!!! go go go boo boo!!!

  21. This guy is hulking out!! The refs actually allowed the score to get out of hand like that?

  22. Gosh im not surprised you have carried this on this far! i remember watching u way back in 2001! Then having u as my coach for two years! U are an excellent sportsman and a great friend! Hope you can touch other people with ur gift like u did me! one love my friend!!

  23. 20 out of 36 points in the last game, on a badly sprained ankle in the 1st quarter…go go go boo boo!!!!

    That’s what i’m talking about. The rest of the team members should look at this and try to match up!!!!

  24. Oh please salisha, he ain’t all that so behave

  25. Dude that pic of yours is so photoshopalicious

  26. Ur a star man, I bet when ur playin evry jus stops nd watches nd damn ur fast….

  27. yo Tambi………ma high xcool mate! am so speechless coz we used to play together and evrybdy knew u were da real deal….rememba da gals would scream 4 ya…wow! kip up da gd work Tambi and i wanna thank ur gal for pushin it on ya……..thats called the power of love! Tambi nva giveup and alwys kip ur head up, we got ur back, no matter what!…
    ma wish for u is to watch on DStv playing for lakers or something and hopfully da nxt MJ.
    if not u then ur son or daughter……

    we hav nothing for u but love,hop,faith and hapiness..


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