Tom Seamans


Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a Canadian who likes basketball. When not jacking threes (no amaechi) I enjoy rap music, walking on the beach (poking jellyfish with sticks optional). My favourite song is R Kelly’s “You Remind Me of My Jeep”. Holla at a playa when u c me in da skreets.

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 190cm / 6′3”

Weight: 85kg / 187lbs

Jersey No.: 88


10 Responses

  1. Tom,
    I thought you were out of the game. We need you! Come play for us!!

  2. what it do son…don’t let that funky pic fool ya…ma boy got mad skillz

  3. Did you lose your “s”?

  4. Great pictures!!! Lots of action!

  5. Nice to see you found a great team to play with. Good luck! We have been watching your highlights.

  6. We need directions from Kingston, Ontario… :-))

  7. Its easy,
    go to the irving, take a right, then go left at the Tim hortons, can’t miss it!

  8. good job man……….we got ur back!!!!!!!!

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