Warren Miller


I am Warren Miller. I am a God fearing man with a lot to learn. If you know anything about me, there isn’t much I get excited about. Basketball is one of the exceptions. I would rather play ball than eat or even sleep. I am from the peaceful country of Canada, representing the Tdot. I have been living in Taiwan for over 4 years now but for some strange reason cannot speak fluent Mandarin. I am currently teaching English here and play basketball any chance I get. I never had any formal training in basketball. Whatever I have learned came mostly from playing street ball or watching the NBA with my hero being Michael Jordan. Although I have a lot more to learn, I hope to bring defence intensity and enhance team unity. I see this as an opportunity not just to be a part of a team but also a brotherhood, a family. As a man of few words, I look to inspire my teammates more so in what and how I do than what I say.


3 Responses

  1. GO GO Warren!
    Try not to injure yourself too much though ok? And we really must do something about your Madarin!
    Much love baby xxx

  2. wow I weigh more than you bro.!!!!

    I guess your profile pict. is just fitting for your basketball experiences!!…lol.

    so what would you say is the ‘trash-talk’ of the month! that others might say about you!?

  3. Wow wee, I got to see some of the photos from the last two albums posted bro.!….
    I think your shoes stand out the most!…lol.
    …plus I saw a pic that showed your opponent pivot the ball away from you guy!—shame!
    Anyway see you are not affraid to make any jump shots and driving to the net. —good for you!

    btw, you still haven’t share what your latest “trash-talk” is!…

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