Amadou Moctar Makalou

Amadou Moctar Makalou

Hi, I’m Mac, born and grew up in Senegal in West Africa.

French is my native language but I adopted English and later, Chinese.

I didn’t know much about Taiwan until I came in 2004 as a scholarship student. In 2005, my country switched diplomatic ties to China and most of my country mates left the island to finish their degrees in China.

I have a BA in English, BA & M.Sc. in International business and Management and presently work in Embedded & Applied computing industry.

I like basketball, soccer, and cycling, I know it’s unusual to see a 195 cm tall on a road bike, especially in Taiwan, but lucky I was to get a big enough bike.

I started basketball in junior high school as NBA games started broadcasting in Africa. My favorite NBA players are Jordan, Pippen, Grant hill, Reggie Miller, Kevin Garnett, Desagana Diop.

I played National Pro League in my senior high years in Senegal. I’m less comfortable playing center or power forward though I m tall, I don’t enjoy being “in the paint”.

My favorite position on the court is small forward, I like to face the hoop and be around the “free throw line” and also enjoy taking jump shots.

I listen to any music, and enjoy old school hip-hop, reggae and ragamuffin, Senegalese songs. I’m religious, and like to read inspirational and science books.

Countries I’ve lived in: Senegal & Taiwan

Places I have been to: Vegas, Beijing, Paris, Manilla

Favorite quote: “Attitude is everything”

Nationality: Senegalese

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 88 kgs

Number: 3


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